Based on the necessity of climate protection and on the fact that fossil fuels are running low the use of renewable energies is becoming more and more important. Photovoltaic solar electricity generation (PV) will have in the future a stable place in the energy mix.

At the beginning of 2009 grid-connected solar power plants with a total capacity of 15 Gigawatt (GWp) were installed. With the growth of production capacity the system costs have already diminished. The costs of solar energy and conventional energy draw continually near. Aescusoft operates at the junction of research and industrial implementation and offers solutions for the technical characterization and the testing of solar panels and solar cells as well as production and quality control in the production process. This includes the measuring of electric parameters, the qualification and quantification of optical parameters or the simulation of special process control steps. The most modern techniques and machines deliver exact information regarding their performance and functioning. Even in an ongoing manufacturing process Aescusoft´s solutions for inline quality control will detect all relevant technical problems or faulty units at the most early stage and thus significantly improve any process. 

The systems produced by Aescusoft are used in the photovoltaic industry for the following tasks: 

  • Characterization of electric parameters of wafers,cells and panels
  • Spectral sensitivity analysis for single- and multi-junction solar cells
  • Thermographic analysis methods for the identification of local short circuit
  • Thermographic analysis methods for the identification of the durability of charger
  • Thermographic analysis for the identification of sheet resistance