LEDSim™ All LED Solar Simulator

Spectrally Tunable Class AAA Sun Simulator

Application Area and Benefits

Long LED lifetime (min 30,000 hours) leads to increase in equipment uptime and reduced maintenance and consumables costs.

IV-testing of solar cells under variable irradiation.

Full characterization of spectral matching of multi-junction devices.

Little heating of solar cell during measurement due to cold LED light, allows for longer light pulses up to DC operation without active cell cooling.

Usable in offline lab characterization and inline production facilities.

Advanced LEDSim Roadmap Targets

Size scalable to module test area.

Spectral response (SR) / external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements.

Class A homogeneity for monochromatic and bias light.

Second traceability chain for ISC / JSC calibration in a single tool.


Technical Specification

  • Class AAA sun simulator.
  • DC operation.
  • Cell area up to 156 x 156 mm2.
  • Tailored spectrum mapped to crystaline Si solar cell, 350 nm to 1100 nm.
  • At least 3 different LED wavelengths for closed-match in each wavelength interval defined by IEC.
  • 10% - 100% LED specific intensity tuning.
  • Additional 3 wavelengths below 400 nm.
  • Active cooling concept for LED light head.
  • Linear current-regulated output drivers for the LEDs.
  • Measurement and characterization equipment for IV-curves.
  • Customized software.
Upside down view of the light channel.

Upside down view of the light channel.

Software control panel for spectral tuning.

Software control panel for spectral tuning.

AM1.5G spectrum of the LEDSim.

AM1.5G spectrum of the LEDSim.