PV-SMU Source Measurement Unit

For Solar Cell IV-Characterization

Application Area and Benefits

The 4-quadrant PV-Source Measurement Unit allows real Isc conditions. Precision shunt resistors are selected automatically according to the measurement range. The voltage, current and monitor cell signals are measured simultaneously by 16-bit data aquisition. The PV-Source Measurement Unit can be calibrated in an independent laboratory, a calibrated reference cell can also be provided optionally.
The custom made software allows automated measurement of illuminated and optionally dark IV-curves with automatic calculation of all relevant parameters of the solar cell.
The results are stored into a MySQL™ database and can be visualized by a web frontend or loaded into Microsoft Excel™ or Microcal Origin™.
The PV-Source Measurement Unit is part of the Aescusoft’s SolSim ECO™ sun simulator, but can also be integrated into other existing sun simulators.

Different types of PV-SMUs are available:

  • PV-SMU 0505 (5V/ 5A) for Laboratory scale IV testing
  • PV-SMU 1015 (10V/ 15A) for 6" Solar Cells IV testing
  • PV-SMU 4008 (40V/ 8A) for Standard Modul IV testing
  • PV-SMU 6010 (60V /10,5A) for 300W plus Modul IV testing - PV-SMU 8008 (80V/ 8A) for Hetero Junction Modul IV testing - PV-SMU 1003 (100V+/ 3A) for Thin Film Modul IV testing
  • Other ranges on demand


Technical Specification

  • High current PV-SMU designed for testing solar modules and solar cells, including silicon, thin film, DSC, CPV.
  • Full automated Isc, Voc, Mpp, FF and eta calculation.
  • Build-in web server for wireless remote control by mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop).
  • Data is stored in SQL-database and can easily be transferred to any MES-system.
  • 4-wire measurement and 4-quadrant power supply.
  • Automated contact check before each measurement.
  • Precise simultaneous measurement of voltage, current and light intensity (optional).
  • Suitable for continuous light and fast flash light based measurements (250 datapoints per ms).


  • Dark IV-curve measurement including Rs and Rp calculation.
  • Monitor cell measurement and IV-curve correction.
  • Temperature measurement (Pt100 or thermocouple).
  • Automated electronic shutter and light intensity control.
PV-SMU integrated into SolSim Eco Solar Simulator

PV-SMU integrated into SolSim Eco Solar Simulator

Illuminated IV-Curve

Illuminated IV-Curve

Dark IV-Curve (Optional)

Dark IV-Curve (Optional)