Electrical system components like solar cells and solar panels of a photovoltaic power plant must meet clearly defined quality criteria. Thus solar cells and solar panels are characterized by numerous test methods under conditions as realistic as possible.

Thru outdoor measurements the longterm stability of all materials as well as the rate of yield of cells and panels are evaluated. Cell tester and module flasher with xenon flash lights are used to characterize the conversion of light into electricity.

The solutions offered by Aescusoft are distinguished by the highest possible degree of precision and reliability. All products and solutions from Aescusoft comply with all relevant IEC-norms and thus stand for a excellent quality. For example all Aescusoft solar simulators are rated AAA. The products from Aescusoft are especially suitable for mono- and polycristalline solar cells. The simulated radiation is very close to the real sunlight.

We offer offline-solutions for the semiconductor and SMT industry which makes it possible to detect problems and flaws even before implementing a new component into a production process.